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Elation Health

I designed and built software to help doctors provide better patient care.

Elation Health's flagship product is a web-based electronic health record (EHR): a comprehensive software solution to assist medical practices with patient care and practice management. In a time when most EHRs on the market actually made it harder to care for patients, Elation offered something fresh: lean, usable software that delivered on the promise that technology could make the everyday lives of physicians and staff easier.

I believe in human-centered design. It's a philosophy that focuses on empathy, and drives me to understand my customers and their unique needs before setting out to design solutions that address those needs. At Elation, our primary customers were small, independent medical practices. From day one, I studied doctors, nurses, and administrative staff in their habitats and shadowed their daily activities - from patient visits to paperwork and practice administration.

These medical offices were fast-paced, high-stress environments. It quickly became clear that most healthcare providers were motivated to deliver excellent care to their patients, but were stymied by limited access to two important resources: time to focus on patient care and comprehensive patient health information. During my time as Director of Product, I managed the product and engineering teams to design solutions to deliver those key resources to our users while keeping the software compliant with constantly changing industry standards and regulations

From a product design perspective, I targeted software usability and behavior change to achieve our goals. Investing in simpler UI, more intuitive workflows, and automation returned more time for doctors and staff to interact with and care for patients. I also sought to assimilate and streamline office workflows deeply entrenched in outdated technology. For example, I launched products to allow our practices to communicate with patients and other practices securely online, rather than by phone or fax (still a slow and pervasive standard in healthcare!). As a result, the amount of collective office time spent on external communication was reduced dramatically, and the quality of patient information that came into the practice improved significantly.

I also leveraged my experience as one of the product architects to inform the vision for the brand. I ushered the company through rebranding as "Elation Health" (the company was formerly known as "Elation EMR”), moving away from an emphasis on all things high-tech to a depiction of the human connection between doctors and patients. The result was branding that resonated with our customers on an emotional level and also highlighted the Elation company mission: to strengthen the doctor-patient relationship and enable excellent patient care.

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Elation Health is a healthcare SaaS company in San Francisco. Founded in 2010, the company is backed by DFJ, Kapor Capital, Aberdare Ventures, and angels including Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, Ron Conway, and design firm IDEO.

From 2012 to 2016, I worked at Elation Health as their Director of Product.