Product & Design



I've spent my career designing and building products and services to solve people's needs in the healthcare, education, and home design industries.

I was product manager and product designer, but also brand designer, salesperson, and front-line customer support. The breadth of this context and the relationships built cross-functionally at early organizational stages have made me an effective leader for high-growth companies. Directing the product team necessitates understanding business goals and channeling user needs. Actually being a successful product leader means speaking the languages of design, development, marketing, and sales to show care for each function and build bridges across teams. Humbly, and after taking years to learn this, I believe my superpower is a combination of design sense and product instinct with an ability to inspire loyalty and show genuine empathy, which in my experience, has yielded team happiness and success.

A few years ago, I started a venture drawing upon my strengths and values and built a high-end furniture business where I was owner, operator, designer, and manufacturer. I use my ability to connect with people to develop meaningful client relationships, and consistently have received feedback that I listen to the "hopes and dreams" of my customers and "make them come true." I have loved celebrating both usability and craft in each piece made in the studio and ultimately seeing my customers live with my products every day.

I'm always curious to discover new problems to solve, new things to build, and new friends to collaborate with. If you'd like to chat, please get in touch.